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Voyager Sport Podcast #002: Jean-Benoit Morin of University of Nice Sophia Antipolis

September 16, 2017, Posted in Agility

Jean-Benoit Morin is a Professor at the University of Nice Sophie Antipolis Laboratory of Human Motricity and international speaker and consultant. Alongside Dr. Pierre Samozino and a host of international collaborators, Dr. Morin has been on a mission to research sprinting and related injuries over the past decade or so in a manner which defies traditional applied research models. The work out of his research group has revolutionized sprinting analysis and featured world-class athletes across multiple sports. In this episode of the Voyager Sport Podcast, Dr. Morin discusses what’s new in sprinting research, hamstring injury reduction, and research modeling.

In this episode you’ll learn:

  • How to manage sprint mechanics and hamstring injury prevention
  • How the research and publication industry can be revamped
  • Which contractions occur in sprinting

Featured on the show:


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