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Top 5 Phrases to avoid on the Internet – Reveal those ABS-olute bullshiters

December 13, 2014, Posted in Archives

Whattsssss up!

Today’s dose of Saturday Science is going to follow a slightly different tact to normal, as we outline some my favourite marketing/bullshit phrases on the Internet and why these should be avoided at all costs.

1. Fat Strippers

BAM… Straight in at the deep end – Fat loss supplements do not work ladies and gentlemen. Human nature of wanting to go from A to B without getting off our ass when combined with a high price-point makes these little pills an appealing proposition which works, however do not be fooled. Ingredients in fat loss supplements are often not scientifically supported, with the magnitude of effect documented in the literature meaning you would probably spend your life savings on them before you even saw one AB.

Check out this link for a review of ingredients + possible adverse side effects before deciding to ingest any ‘fat burners’

2. Testosterone Boosters

Another popular and expensive supplement: more testosterone + training = more muscle right? The facts are that similar gains in strength and hypertrophy are documented independent of increases in testosterone and other hormones (IGF-1, Growth Hormone). Testosterone supplements are also high in the category for containing banned substances, which in athletic populations at sub-elite/elite levels is potentially career threatening. If you’re looking for more information on the effect of hormones on hypertrophy checkout our podcast with @mackinprof where Stu dishes out the knowledge!

3. 6 week fat loss/muscle gain/tone up/whatever you want to call it programme

An absolute classic bantered around the Internet that again comes back to our innate requirement for achieving things quickly with minimal effort.  At some point we need to respect that our bodies respond to continued progressive change to homeostasis (our natural physiologic environment). This is not to say that your body won’t respond to six weeks of eating nothing/everything depending on your goal while training your bollocks off, because it will “ but is this change sustainable? – Probably not. Being healthy is about creating a lifestyle that allows your body to progressively adapt to exercise and nutrition regimes, which fit into your schedule and you can maintain long term. This is where we see progress.  Rome wasn’t built in a day.

4. I am an expert in…

If you hear this phrase then often you should run for the hills. There are very few people in the Sport Science industry that have the experience and knowledge to call themselves an expert, however this experience leads them not to do so as they know there is always a need to continually learn in science. Jake Schuster recently summed this up very nicely, so check out his post on this topic for more information. Incidentally my favourite aspect of that article is the power of “I don’t know”. It is ok to not know, and more over it is good practice to refer people to the people who know more than you!!

Next time someone in the gym asks you how to do an exercise, have a think about the amount of qualifications you have to instruct that exercise. If they are less than one, refer them to the personal training services or an exercise professional.

 Peoples bodies are not there to be played with!

Screen Shot 2014-12-09 at 11.00.37

Check out this awesome graph from Dave Hembrough on the progression of ‘expertise’ 

5. The words: Anabolic, Ripped & Shredded etc before products

First of all the word anabolic is legitimate. Ingesting protein post-exercise or even just performing resistance exercise is anabolic to our muscles. This word is often found in front of all kinds of supplements as well as protein powder… especially testosterone boosters (which are sufficiently not anabolic). However when you see this word used, stop and think why they are using it… it implies that you’ll grow some muscle by ingesting there product and in some cases this ‘may be true if combined with exercise’. So don’t be lured in by this word, it is merely a shiny object concentrate of the actually product and have a look or ask a professional about the scientific evidence before purchase.

I recently joked that if supermarkets were to put this word in front of real food our populations health and their sales would go through the roof? Anabolic Carrots Yep… we’ll have them #GAINS

Being Ripped or Shredded falls in the same line as the above, but in this case I think the take away is simpler: ingesting something will not make you either of these things, only continued exercise and a balanced diet of real foods will help you hit your goal. Also, it is extremely important to consider the type of person who you will have to become in order to have those protruding abs In our interview with @RogLaw we spoke about this and not forgetting the overall goal – which is having a fun life!

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