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WTW Podcast #8 – Nutritional Strategies for Performance & the Importance of Nutritional Education in Games Players with Dr. Sophie Killer (Part 1)

November 6, 2014, Posted in Archives


On today’s episode of the Well Traveled Wellness Podcast we speak to Kent University lecturer Dr. Sophie Killer. Sophie has provided nutrition consultancy for Premier League football clubs, international basketball teams and Olympians, all whilst pursuing her interests in carbohydrate research.

Are you a games player who is unsure about how to manage your nutrition? Interested in carbohydrate ingestion for performance or nutritional education? Dont miss part 1 of 2 with a vastly experienced expert in the area of applied nutrition.

What You’ll Learn From This Episode:

  • Carbohydrate ingestion for sports performance
  • Periodization of nutritional strategies to prevent overtraining
  • Variance of nutritional strategies for games players
  • Adaptation of nutrition to different athlete populations
  • The importance of nutritional education: What to order at Nandos!
  • Dr. Killer’s view on the Paleolithic Diet

Featured On The Show:

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