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WTW Podcast #7 – Nutrition & Exercise Prescription for Health and Use of Heat Training for Further Adaptation with Dr. Jon Bartlett (Part 2)

November 5, 2014, Posted in Archives

WTWArtworkFinalEver wondered about the best way to monitor your performance & wellbeing? Keen to learn the different nutritional strategies utilized between training & competition? On this episode we bring in a researcher whose experience spans both hemispheres, currently of the University of Victoria, Dr. Jon Bartlett. With an applied background from the English Premier league and current love for applied research, Dr. Bartlett takes us through the scientific background of his encounters with athletes and his application of research to real life scenarios.

Tune in as we discuss protein ingestion & exercise as medicine, the potential role of P53 with the train low, compete high hypothesis and the use of heat training to optimise training adaptation. Don’t miss this episode from the english-man down under!

What You’ll Learn From This Episode:

  • Asking “what is this session for?”
  • Deliberate manipulation of training stimuli for marginal gains
  • The role of protein ingestion in mediating shortcomings of training low
  • Sleeping low–hipster protocol?
  • Heat training: purpose and context

Featured On The Show:

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