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WTW Podcast #64: Mastering the Intangibles: Building Sustainable Cultures in Elite Sport with Mubarak Malik

February 2, 2017, Posted in Archives

Mubarak Malik is Head of Athletic Performance at the New York Knicks in the National Basketball Association. In this interview, “Bar” talks about how he’s helped build successful performance setups in both Major League Baseball and now the NBA.

This is one of the most ‘uncomfortable’ interviews to date: Vulnerabilities, errors, and obstacles are discussed at length and in depth. We discuss everything a coach needs in his toolkit BESIDES the sets and reps knowledge. If you want to learn how to really make it in elite sport, give this a listen!!

What You’ll Learn From This Episode:

  • What a positive culture looks like
  • The six intangibles every coach needs in their toolbox
  • How to develop these intangibles!

Featured On The Show:

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