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WTW Podcast #55: Dr. Jeremy Sheppard on Leadership Styles, Growth Mindsets, & Surfing Across Hemispheres

September 5, 2016, Posted in Archives

Dr. Jeremy Sheppard is Director of Performance Services at the Canadian Sports Institute, based in British Columbia. After an epic journey through the Australian Institute of Sport system and directorship at Surfing Australia, Coach Sheppard has returned home to Canada in an administrative role.

What leadership styles have proven effective across both hemispheres? How does Jeremy manage his busy schedule, setting goals with reasonable expectations? What methods can elite use to feel and perform their best? Which days should one work on a plane vs take off for a surf? Find out from the wise Coach Sheppard here!

What You’ll Learn From This Episode:

  • How you can see the world via sport
  • What ways to best balance research and practice 
  • Which leadership styles stand the test of time
  • How to reflect, review, and grow via humility

Featured On The Show:

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