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WTW Podcast #52: Frans Bosch on Dynamical Systems, Japan’s Rugby Rise, and Whether or Not To Lift Weights

July 23, 2016, Posted in Archives

Frans Bosch is arguably the most sought-after sprinting consultant on the planet. When not lecturing at Fontys Hogeschool in Holland, Frans consults with a wide range of teams which have included Wales Rugby, Japan Rugby, Adelaide Crows, and West Ham United. Frans is a noted proponent of dynamical systems modelling for sports performance, and we break down his unique methods for enhancing athlete performance. Also, we tackle the big question of what–or how much–traditional weightlifting athletes really need!

How can we utilize dynamical systems modelling in our training methods? What keys to success lay behind Japan’s Rugby World Cup success? Check out Frans Bosch’s insightful reports here!What You’ll Learn From This Episode:

  • What Dynamical Systems Theory looks like in application
  • Which methods lead to Japan’s World Cup success
  • Frans’ approach to developing athletes

Featured On The Show:

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