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WTW Podcast #5: Elite Athletic Performance & High Intensity Interval Training with Dr. David Bishop

October 16, 2014, Posted in Archives


Ever wondered what the true scientific benefits are of high intensity training? Want to know the truth about CrossFit? On this episode we bring in world renowned researcher of the University of Victoria, Dr. David Bishop. With an applied background from the Australian Institute of sport and current love for research, Dr. Bishop takes us through the scientific background of high intensity interval training and beyond.

Tune in as we discuss muscle buffering capacity, cellular effects of HIT, the pro & cons of CrossFit as well as an insight into the myth of PQQ supplementation. Don’t miss this episode from one of the world’s leading exercise physiology researchers.

What You’ll Learn From This Episode:

  • Misconceptions of athletes
  • Muscle pH and muscle buffering capacity in different populations
  • Dosage of buffering supplements
  • Physiological benefits of HIT for health and recreational athletes.
  • David Bishop on CrossFit!
  • Concurrent training and the current literature
  • Touch upon new research looking into HIT and mitochondrial adaptations, volume and function.
  • 3 take home messages
  • BONUS! PQQ supplementation

Featured On The Show:

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