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WTW Podcast #49: Darcy Norman on World Cup Wins, International to Club Transitions, and Cultural Management

June 20, 2016, Posted in Archives

Darcy Norman is Director of Performance at AS Roma Football (Soccer) Club in Italy. Previously he was at Highroad Cycling team and EXOS with Bayern Munich and the German National Soccer team, an integral part of their dominant 2014 FIFA World Cup victory. Having gone back and forth between national teams and club sides multiple times, and been a physio, strength coach, and now performance director, Darcy has incredibly unique perspectives on every piece of the puzzle, as well as what it takes for a Canadian to make it in unique European cultures! I enjoyed this chat tremendously, Darcy is a brilliant but wonderfully normal guy, I hope you all learn as much as I did.

How can teams best prepare for a World Cup including travel, nutrition & sleep? Which skillsets are needed for national teams vs club sides? What challenges do different cultures present in elite sporting setups? Check out Darcy Norman’s epic wisdom here!

What You’ll Learn From This Episode:

  • What exactly went in to Germany’s FIFA World Cup win?
  • Which methods has Darcy used to such great success? 
  • How has Darcy adjusted to very different cultures while maintaining values?

Featured On The Show:

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