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WTW Podcast #46: Dr. Kelly Starrett on Sparking a Revolution and Solving the Injury Riddles

April 16, 2016, Posted in Archives

BRO! Your navicular bone dropped!! We catch up with the post-hype instigator of the mobility revolution, Dr. Kelly Starrett. Kelly was one of the very few in the CrossFit and Paleo scenes to have a true mainstream sports science (Dr. of Physical Therapy!) background, and the cream always rises to the top: Kelly consults in EPL, NFL, and beyond. We talk about Kelly’s journey from an injured elite kayaker to mastermind behind some remarkable injury-solution revamps around the globe. I loved this chat, Kelly is the man! Much more to come…

Kelly outlines how and why the mobility revolution has happened, and the FAQ’s of “now what?” Injuries obviously still happen, so what can we all do about it? Kelly drops coherent knowledge bombs left right and center here!!

NOTE: This episode was sponsored by Track Active Exercise Prescription Software. Check it out!

What You’ll Learn From This Episode:

  • What lead Kelly to start the mobility revolution?
  • Which obstacles of elite sport setups lead to injuries, and what to do? 
  • How practitioners can build robust athletes

Featured On The Show:

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