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WTW Podcast #34: Paleo Diets, Exercise vs Nutrition, and the Rugby World Cup with Dr. Kevin Tipton

September 11, 2015, Posted in Archives

The Well Traveled Wellness Podcast continues it’s chat with Stirling University professor Dr. Kevin Tipton. The loyal Kentucky Wildcats fan takes us through a number of cutting-edge and controversial topics.

What nutrition advice does Dr. Tipton have for sports teams? Which truly is more impactful, diet or exercise? Who will win the Rugby World Cup? How many elite athletes are doping? Don’t miss part two out of three of our exciting interview with Dr. Kevin Tipton!

What You’ll Learn From This Episode:

  • How do we know what humans are supposed to eat?
  • What sports teams should consider when feeding their athletes
  • When to take the actions of competitors as valuable vs cautious
  • Why Ireland will be a force at the World Cup

Featured On The Show:

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