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WTW Podcast #33: Which Part of Africa We Each Have In Us and the Curious Case of Christophe Lemaitre

August 31, 2015, Posted in Archives

In the second half of our interview with author of the New York Times Bestseller The Sports Gene, David Epstein, WTW delivers probably it’s most controversial episode to date The former Sports Illustrated Senior Writer takes us through a number of exciting and to-the-point topics.

How much genetic diversity is there among all the world’s caucasians? What do **nearly** all the top sprinters in the world have in common? What can we learn from the curious case of Christophe Lemaitre? This is about as deep, controversial, and to-the-point as the WTW podcast has gotten to date. You don’t want to miss this one with David Epstein!!

What You’ll Learn From This Episode:

  • Where in Africa top sprinters come from
  • What countries are on the rise in sport–and why
  • When to consider a high performance environment
  • Why high performance cultures engender elite results
  • How to make sense of Christophe Lemaitre

Featured On The Show:

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