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WTW Podcast #32: Dr. Kevin Tipton on Protein for Training Camps, Why Science is Difficult, and Whether High Fat Low Carb May Need a Rethink

August 21, 2015, Posted in Archives

The Well Traveled Wellness Podcast brings in world-class protein researcher, Professor at Stirling University Dr. Kevin Tipton. The loyal Kentucky Wildcats fan takes us through a number of cutting-edge and controversial topics.

What’s new in protein research? How can high-protein approaches impact whether or not we get a cold during a period of intense training? What’s difficult about research? How useful is low carb high fat, and when do it’s ‘followers’ need to tone it down? It’s all here with legendary protein researcher Dr. Kevin Tipton!!

What You’ll Learn From This Episode:

  • How can protein prevent illness?
  • What it really means to consume a high-protein diet
  • When to be cautious interpreting the literature
  • Why high fat low carb had the right idea, but got out of hand
  • Where you can find legit research on high fat low carb

Featured On The Show:

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