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WTW Podcast #31: David Epstein on the 10,000 Hour Rule, Race and Gender Differences and Early Specialization in Sport

August 13, 2015, Posted in Archives

The Well Traveled Wellness Podcast brings in a heavy-hitter on the publishing scene, author of the New York Times Bestseller The Sports Gene, David Epstein. The former Sports Illustrated Senior Writer takes us through a number of exciting and controversial topics.

Is the 10,000 Hour-Rule bogus? Or does it make a ton of sense…with a caveat? How much do athletes suffer by being put into a box, when their physiological profile is better suited otherwise? How early should athletes specialize? What races are best fit for what sports? No stone is left unturned… It’s all here with David Epstein of The Sports Gene!!

What You’ll Learn From This Episode:

  • Making sense of the 10,000hrs rule
  • What it really takes to achieve mastery of a skill
  • When to specialize in sport and what factors go in to burnout
  • Why you adapt to training differently than your friends
  • How to avoid being put into a box and missing out on potential

Featured On The Show:

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