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WTW Podcast #28: Uniqueness of the Female Athlete and Periodization Around the Menstrual Cycle with Lyle McDonald

July 21, 2015, Posted in Archives

The Well Traveled Wellness Podcast welcomes author and physiologist Lyle McDonald of to talk about training female athletes. Lyle has a book about to come out about some very important and cutting-edge research on female athletes and how females should train, eat, and manage themselves differently from men. Lyle has been quite a controversial character over the years..quite frankly I’d rather interview folks who have real opinions rather than those afraid of upsetting any apple-carts!

What physiological differences exist between genders? How do hormones change across the menstrual cycle, and how should training programs reflect these fluctuations? It’s all here with Lyle McDonald!  

What You’ll Learn From This Episode:

  • Which physiological mechanisms impact performance across genders
  • How menstrual cycles impact trainability
  • What we can learn from different sports and body types in women
  • Where future research should be directed

Featured On The Show:

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