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WTW Podcast #29: How to Hack Your Attitude and Habits for Performance with Armi Legge

August 3, 2015, Posted in Archives

New week, new citizen-scientist on the block…in a good way! After years competing as an elite Triathlete, Armi Legge is now on a mission to find evidence for how humans can truly manage their behavior and habits to look, feel, and perform great. This conversation takes us through the most common behavioral patterns we exhibit and how to maneuver through them for success.

How to we make a big, or small deal out of something? Why is impatience such a common trait? What can you do about it? Check out this chat to find out. 

What You’ll Learn From This Episode:

  • What habits we all share
  • How attitude means EVERYTHING
  • What we can learn from happy people
  • Where most people go wrong–and can correct

Featured On The Show:

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