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WTW Episode #30: What CrossFit Gets Right, Linear Expectations, and Lifting on Vacations with Eric Helms

August 9, 2015, Posted in Archives

The Well Traveled Wellness Podcast continues our chat with powerlifting & bodybuilding researcher Eric Helms. The 3D Muscle Journey co-owner explains how linear improvement should be, how to track changes and variables, and why you should never take a vacation from having fun.

What should you focus on if you can’t stand stats? Which changes are meaningful and expected, and which are unpredictable? How can you manage expectations with expected progressions? It’s all here with the Eric Helms! 

What You’ll Learn From This Episode:

  • Which focus areas matter if you don’t want to track stats
  • What to do on a vacation (hint: lift!!)
  • When progress should be linear
  • Why you should play sport no matter what
  • How to set realistic expectations over long term

Featured On The Show:

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