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Doctoral Middle-Earth: Onward and Upwards

June 12, 2015, Posted in Archives

Greetings all!! It’s been a while.

Things have been happening. Some bad, but a whole lot of good.

Last time we spoke, I was in Florida, working in pro baseball, wondering what was happening next.

I’m taking the advice of some friends with regards to WTW and doubling down on what I’ve done best: Content production. The podcast and this blog are what I’ve enjoyed most and gotten the most feedback on–This website has existed in some form for over two years, and I want to build this brand further and further.

I’ve moved to Auckland, New Zealand (been here six weeks!) to undertake an applied PhD under the Sports Performance Research Institute of New Zealand, focusing on youth athletic development, speed, and injury prevention. The connections, experiences and content which will result for that will be (and already is) a huge boon for all around here.

What else we can get excited about: Webinars, online courses and events. Events will be my calling card. Events are what has me very very excited–you’ll hear more from me very soon on that front!

In the meantime, thanks for coming along the ride. Lots of fun podcast’s waiting in queue to be published in the coming weeks. You all can do me a HUGE solid by leaving reviews on iTunes to kick back up the rankings.

Thanks all who read this, it’s good to be back. Onward and upwards!!

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