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Voyager Sport Podcast #015: Coach Paul Turk of AFL Essendon

June 10, 2018, Posted in Coaching

Coach Paul Turk is Head of Strength and Conditioning at the AFL's Essendon Football Club in Melbourne Australia. Paul has published research in the area of groin health and movement assessment. He leads an ambitious weight room producing very fast athletes as well as secondary work training champion race car drivers. 

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Voyager Sport Podcast #014: Dr. Sam Robertson of the AFL Western Bulldogs

May 18, 2018, Posted in Performance

Dr. Sam Robertson is Head of Science and Research at the AFL's Western Bulldogs and Victoria University in Melbourne Australia. Dr. Robertson has published over 100 peer-reviewed research articles and is an industry leader in the area of performance analysis. He leads a unique innovative team where no stone is left unturned and the connection between sport and physical performance are linked more closely than perhaps anywhere else in our field!

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Voyager Sport Podcast #013: Simon Kearney of the St. Kilda Saints

April 16, 2018, Posted in Performance

Simon Kearney is Head of Sports Science at the St. Kilda Saints in the Australian Football League. Simon has worked previously for Tennis Australia and the Melbourne Storm in the National Rugby League. He's an expert in load monitoring and integration between physical performance and sport performance. In this episode we learn about those topics as well as career pathways, skill sets, and much more.

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Voyager Sport Podcast #012: Coach Bob Alejo of Power Lift

March 14, 2018, Posted in Performance

Coach Bob Alejo has been at the top of the strength and conditioning field as anyone. Serving as head S&C at UCLA for a decade, Associate Athletic Director at NC State, and Strength Coach for the Moneyball Oakland Athletics, Coach Alejo has been a pioneer at championing our industry. Hear how we can all help grow and push the performance sciences forward!

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Voyager Sport Podcast #011: Coach Darcy Norman of AS Roma

February 22, 2018, Posted in Performance

Coach Darcy Norman is one of the most accomplished performance coaches on the planet. Whether in road cycling, club soccer, or international soccer, Darcy has experienced incredible successes at every level. Last time we spoke to Coach Norman in 2016 he had just begun his role as Performance Director at AS Roma.

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